The World’s First Wireless Charging Station for Motorized Mobility Aids and the Micro-Mobility Sector

Tested by a user suffering from cerebral paralysis


Utilizing cutting-edge technology, the Agile Station offers a slim and compact mat that enables autonomous and wireless charging at a comparable speed to traditional wired solutions while reducing the necessity for human interactions.

The Agile Station, a wireless and autonomous charging solution, optimizes and simplifies the charging process for people with reduced mobility, enhancing their autonomy and independence. This solution is ergonomic and intuitive; it can be integrated in various ecosystems, thus improving public and commercial spaces’ accessibility levels. The Agile Station is a staple of innovation in the movement of Universal Accessibility.

Tested by a user suffering from cerebral paralysis

Product Benefits

Inclusivity through Innovation

Adaptive Infrastructure & Integrated Technological Solution:

  • Reduces Battery Anxiety
  • Enhances autonomy and independence
  • Simplifies daily tasks of caregivers

Operational Efficiency

  • Efficient charging processes
  • Management Software (AWL-Smart)
  • Indivisible


  • Removes traditional cable constraints for faster charging
  • Reduces human interactions

Technical Specifications

Power Supply

  • Power (W): 96 - 300
  • Input Voltage (V AC): 120
  • Input Frequency  (Hz): 50 - 60


  • Power (W): 48 - 192*
  • Voltage (V): 24 - 28.8
  • Current (A): 2 - 8
  • Reach (cm): 3 - 7
*Power varies per models
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Product Features

Key Benefits of Next-Gen Wireless Charging for Power Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooter

Ergonomic Design

Crafted with care by physical therapists for optimal health benefits.

Autonomous Charging

Initiates charging when proximity between charger and device is detected, enabling Park n' Charge.

Easy Installation

Simply plug in and play for hassle-free setup.

App Features

Key Benefits of our AWLE desktop and mobile application for fleet management.

GPS Tracking

Advanced GPS features for enhanced device security and location tracking.

Energy Alerts

Prompt alarm system for low battery and abnormal energy loss.

Charge Monitoring

Comprehensive view of all device charge levels and status for optimized fleet management.

In collaboration with the research center Inedi, we've delved into the various challenges faced by electric wheelchair users, especially those with wired cables, to get a better grasp of their daily lives. We're thrilled to see that the Agile Station significantly simplifies charging and ensures a safe experience.

Key Data

  • 1,9M: Mobility Device Owners in North America
  • 50%: of powered wheelchair users can’t charge their device themselves
  • +50M: caregivers taking care of people with disabilities